Stellenbosch OH SO CLEAN

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About Us

We have been making apartments, houses and businesses in Stellenbosch OH SO CLEAN since January 2015. We pride ourselves on the quality of our professional cleaning services which we provide to our clients. To ensure that only the very best clean is delivered every time, we take care of our staff. Our staff are the backbone of the business and thus we treat them with the utmost respect and treasure them.

All our staff are carefully hand selected and trained before they are sent out to our clients. The training we provide ensures that they are competent with the correct and proper use of all major cleaning materials and equipment.

Our staff are trustworthy and reliable. We share with our staff the importance of developing and maintaining outstanding relationships with our clients. Each member of staff takes pride in their work and thus delivers their very best every time.  

We promote mutual respect between our clients and our staff. We believe that being kind and showing an interest in each staff member encourages them to work harder.

We look forward to making your residence or office OH SO CLEAN.

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