Stellenbosch OH SO CLEAN

We'll make it OH SO CLEAN!

Carpet Cleaning Solutions

We use the water extraction method of cleaning carpets as this has proven in our testing to be extremely effective. Our carpet cleaning team are experienced and know just how to remove the tough stains quickly and effectively.

Carpet cleaning should be done ideally every 6 months. Stellenbosch OH SO CLEAN can set up a regular cleaning schedule with you to ensure that your carpets are maintained in the best possible condition. 

Our carpet cleaning rates are as follow:

R 250 per room average size (9 -12m2)

R 370 per medium sized room (12 - 16m2)

R 450 per large room (16 - 20m2)

Rooms larger than 20m2 will be charged as 2 or more rooms

Single mattress R 200

Double, Queen or King mattress R 250

2 Seater couch R 250

3 Seater couch R 350

  • The prices above are for rooms with average amount of furniture with some mild stains. 
  • Heavily soiled carpets will be charged extra.
  • Rooms with a lot of furniture will be charged extra.