Stellenbosch OH SO CLEAN

We'll make it OH SO CLEAN!

After tenancy / Spring / Deep cleaning

So you have just signed a new lease or signed the documents for your new home and all is set for you to move in. But have you thought about if your new home will be clean when you arrive? Stellenboch OH SO CLEAN will take care of all the cleaning requirements before you even move in. We clean everything and often joke that we remove all evidence that anyone even lived in the house or flat before you. We make sure that your home is almost as clean as it was the day it was finished being built. We make it sparkle and smell fresh and inviting before you move in.

We also understand that sometimes one just needs to spend some extra time giving a little more TLC to certain areas or the whole home after you have been living in it for some time. Stellenbosch OH SO CLEAN adds the TLC to these areas making them look good as new, sparkling and smelling fresh.

When we perform detailed cleans, be they after tenancy / deep / spring cleans, we take our time to make sure that it is not just clean but OH SO CLEAN. We clean everything from floor to ceiling and even light fittings if we can get to them. We have cleaning products that can tackle the toughest stains or greasiest ovens. No job is too tough for our team to tackle. 

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