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Window Cleaning

Stellenbosch OH SO CLEAN has added window washing to its extensive list of specialised professional cleaning services it offers to Stellenbosch. As with our entire specialist service range we carefully investigate the latest technologies and equipment available. Before investing in the equipment we extensively test the various options to ensure we can consistently deliver the best possible results.


There are two ways of cleaning windows. The traditional method and the 'pure' water-fed pole system also know as 'reach and wash'. Through our investigations we determined that the best way to wash windows on the outside is to use a ‘pure’ water-fed pole system.  This leaves a clean, streak free and spotless window including those hard to reach high up windows. This system also allows us to safely and easily clean the hard to reach windows without one of our team having to leave the ground. On the inside we use a more traditional method to clean the windows.


What is pure water window cleaning?

Water, as we get it from the tap, contains many minerals naturally. It is these minerals in the water that causes streaks and spots on windows if you were to wash the windows with a garden hose. Our Unger filtration system removes all minerals from the water, leaving us with 100% pure water. This water is fed up though a specialised expandable pole to a brush which helps to scrub the window, loosening the built up dirt. Our system can reach up to 22m. This ‘pure’ water is in an unnatural state as water naturally attracts minerals. As the water flows down the window, the ‘pure water washes away all the dirt and minerals that were loosened from the window. The window is then rinsed off with ‘pure’ water leaving it to dry naturally. The result is a spotless and streak free window. 

  • Interior and exterior of windows
  • No chemicals used on the outside
  • No ladders or scaffolding as far as possible
  • We will gladly quote for any job big or small
  • A typical double story 3 bedroom house will take between 1 and 3 hours depending on the amount of glass